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Director - CG Generalist

Architect, Designer, 3D Artist and house builder (in the past also musician and producer), he lives and works dividing himself between Rome
(where he deals mainly with architectural projects of interior and design) and Kenya (where he created two residences and a hotel).
Owner and founder of L.A.A.R. architectural firm, mainly focused in interior and furniture design, in this company he designed and followed the marketing of two kitchens.
He also works on construction sites as safety coordinator and consultant. He was assistant professor and lecturer in some University Masterclass in Rome.
He has transformed during the past years, his passion for CG, and especially for Blender,in a real job, first specializing himself in live and distance training, writing and publishing several books on Blender, Autocad, and producing video courses for all levels, then creating Blender High School.
He is one of the 5 italian Blender Foundation Certified Trainer.

Videomaker - Director - Producer

I started as an actor in 1999, graduating at the Conservatory Theatre in Rome.
After the first years devoted to acting for numerous plays, short films and independent films, I graduated with honors at the D.A.M.S. (Rome) in film and television direction.
Today my energies are focused on the art of filmmaking, both stage and film. I wrote and directed documentaries, short films winners of various awards, plays, videoclip.
Now I am president of OVERLOOK, my indipendent company, and my passion for film and theater brings me to continually experiment with new forms of expression, trying not to choke my academic training that allowed me to discover and love cinema and classical theater and contemporary.
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